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To Be Great, Do You Need to Be Good?

Do you know super genius Albert Einstein? Relativity is a play about troubled personal dimensions of the legendary physicist.

By Ben McEachenFriday 1 Jul 2022Hope MorningsCultureReading Time: 1 minute

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity changed our understanding of the universe. But it is theories about his relatives which power the play Relativity.

Presented by Joining The Dots Theatre in inner-city Sydney this month, Relativity is a fictionalised depiction of the famed physicist.

Written by Mark St Germain, Relativity hinges on Einstein being visited during World War II by an American journalist. She wants to write a personal profile of the E = MC2 super-genius.

In particular, there is a little-known facet of Einstein’s family life that she is interested in: the daughter that Einstein claims he never had.

Alison Chambers is co-founder of Joining The Dots Theatre and co-stars in Relativity as Einstein’s housekeeper (and protector) Helen Dukas.

Alison told Hope Mornings that she was drawn to Relativity due to the powerful challenge at its heart: if you are a great person, should you also be a good person?

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Relativity projects this moral challenge to its audience through the marvel, myth and “monster” of a revered yet flawed public figure.

Listen to the full conversation with Alison in the player above.

Relativity is on now until July 9.