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Parramatta, Bushrangers, The Right to Vote and ‘The Earl’s Shadow’

Prolific, new Sydney author Sara Powter combines history, storytelling and Christianity into colonial yarns of deeper significance.

By Ben McEachenMonday 22 Aug 2022CultureReading Time: 1 minute

Sara Powter developed a new hobby during lockdown. Writing.

But the Greater Sydney resident didn’t dabble with a journal or starting her own blog… Sara began writing books during the first year of the pandemic and she hasn’t stopped.

Sara has written millions of words in the past few years, assembled into historically-based novels such as the Lockleys of Parramatta series.

Loosely based upon her own family history, as well as events of the colonial era, Sara’s novels have several aims.

As Sara told Hope Mornings, her tales – such as recent releases The Earl’s Shadow – seek to entertain, educate… and edify.

There is always a Christian undercurrent or theme to Sara’s stories. Hint: the shadow of a certain earl might not be exactly what you think.

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