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I’m a Mum of Two and Then I Became an Influencer

Forget everything you think you know about people who go viral. Meet the roller skating mum with principles.

By Ben McEachenThursday 15 Sep 2022Hope MorningsCultureReading Time: 1 minute

Many of us picked up a new hobby or passion during the pandemic. For Charmayne, it was learning to roller skate and it came with a surprising turn of events.

A mother of two who lives around Sydney’s Inner West area, Charmayne told Hope Mornings about starting an Instagram account to keep herself accountable.

What happened next was a massive surprise to Charmayne.

Meeting Charmayne, she might change everything you thought you knew about online influencers: she’s family friendly and isn’t out to make a name for herself.

Listen to the full interview with Charmayne in the player above.


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Feature image: Photo by Ellen Kerbey on Unsplash