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Hope Book Club, Ep 40: Killer Reads

To celebrate Hope Book Club's 40th episode, our hosts have jumped straight into intriguing killer reads by Australian authors.

By Katrina RoeFriday 24 Jun 2022Hope Book ClubCultureReading Time: 2 minutes

The Hope Book Club is turning 40 and to celebrate, we we have picked out some killer reads for you! And they’re all by Aussie authors.

In this episode, Katrina Roe and Natasha Moore, from the Centre for Public Christianity, are joined by Ellanda Joyce from The Little Lost Bookshop.

Nastasha Moore has been reading the hit Aussie novel, Everyone in my Family has Killed Someone by Benjamin Stevenson. It’s a novel set around a family reunion, but the members of the Cunningham family don’t like each other. In fact, the only thing they have in common is that they’ve all killed someone. If you loved Knives Out, this book is for you!

Katrina Roe has been reading The Woman in the Library by Sulari Gentill. An Australian novelist called Hannah is writing a murder mystery about four strangers who overhear a woman being murdered in the Boston Public Library. Her scream brings them together, but is there another connection between these four new friends? As she writes this mystery from Australia, Hannah receives helpful local information from a friendly fan in Boston, but is he being just a bit too helpful?

And Ellanda Joyce from The Little Lost Bookshop has been reading The Sorrow Stone by Brisbane-based author, Kari Gislason. Set in the 10th century, it’s based on the true story of Disa – one of Iceland’s most famous women. After a brutal murder she flees with her son across the fjords of Iceland. It’s a saga of divided loyalties, revenge and betrayal.

While you’re here, our next Hope Book Club Live event is coming up in July and we’d love to see you on Zoom. We’re reading Jane Austen’s Persuasion, to coincide with the Netflix series. Sign up and get all the details here.

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We hope you enjoy the 40th episode of The Hope Book Club – because life’s just better with a book!