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Is the World’s Chatter Throwing You Off Course? Join the New ‘UNDISTRACTED’ Podcast Conversation?

In UNDISTRACTED, host Laura Bennett talks to guests about building our lives with intention and the distractions that can get in the way.

By Hope 103.2Monday 19 Apr 2021UNDISTRACTEDCultureReading Time: 2 minutes

Our world is a noisy one. There are ample voices, influencers and ideas that vie for our attention and attempt to define what’s important, and how we should spend our time and attention.

If you cut away the clutter though, and cleared away the distractions, what would you really want to spend time doing? What are the things you feel uniquely drawn toward and compelled to accomplish?

In our new podcast UNDISTRACTED, host Laura Bennett creates a space to focus on living a life crafted around the very things we find purpose in – or some might say, “Are called to do”.

“I felt like people needed somewhere that allows them to think about what’s most important in life,” Laura said.

“There’s a lot of people willing to tell us what we should think, what we should believe and how we should live at any given moment, but I don’t think those voices always lead us in the right direction.

“Personally, I believe all of us have a unique contribution to offer this world, and one of the biggest detractors to us seeing it realised, is distraction. Particularly at a time in history where our culture’s default inclination is to be reactive, and not proactive, there’s a lot that can disorient our focus.

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“I want to have conversations that prompt people to prioritise the things they truly want to achieve, so the rest of us don’t miss out on what they have to bring to the table.”

On UNDISTRACTED, you’ll learn from guests how to be better at building your life with intention and understanding the things that can distract us from doing that – be they unproductive screen time, bitterness, a lack of clarity and so much more.

The podcast will also look at positive qualities to build your life around, whether that’s being un-hurried, considering the value of prayer and gleaning wisdom from people who have fought to be undistracted in their own life journey.

“Some of our guests will be Christian, but not all”, Laura said.

“We’ll have a variety of people from different industries and walks of life, all having something to share that helps us live intentionally. We’ll hear about the things they’re pursuing, what they’re passionate about right now and get a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of our guests and what they think is important.”

In a society so driven by an overarching sense of hustle, UNDISTRACTED is here to bring some focus to how you spend your days, not in order for life to be perfect, but so that you know you’re spending yours doing the things you truly feel you’re meant to do.

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