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‘Courageous Queens’ is the New Book Flipping Fairy Tales on their Heads

Kids love fairy tales, there's no doubt about it, but sometimes the best stories are actually real-life ones.

Listen: Author Angela Buckingham talks about history's untold 'Courageous Queens'

By Ally BarnesTuesday 26 Oct 2021CultureReading Time: 1 minute

So much of published history is written by men and about men. But there’s a new genre emerging in kids literature, of female historical figures.

You may have heard of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls or Angela Buckingham‘s Powerful Princesses.

Angela has just released a follow-up called Courageous Queens – 10 stories of clever and brave monarchs that have mostly remained untold.

“As a kid, I loved fairy tales. But the queen always has a poison apple, she’s always looking in the mirror, by definition she’s an evil stepmother,” Angela said.

“There aren’t many positive role models of women in power in those traditional fairy tales.”

Angela is changing that narrative.

Courageous Queens is available now. Find out more about Angela Buckingham’s work and listen to the full chat with Ally Barnes on Hope Breakfast in the player above. 

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