Stephen Roach: "Creativity Isn't Just for the Artsy Ones - Everyone is Made to Create!" — Power Lunch with Laura – Hope 103.2

Stephen Roach: “Creativity Isn’t Just for the Artsy Ones – Everyone is Made to Create!” — Power Lunch with Laura

By Laura BennettThursday 5 Sep 2019Power Lunch with Laura Bennett

Do you consider yourself ‘creative’? So often it’s a word we only reserve for those who sing or dance, or who are “always late”; it’s “because they’re creative”. 

Musician and author Stephen Roach is the founder of the Breath and Clay conference, and host of the Makers and Mystics podcast. In this Power Lunch episode Laura catches up with Stephen for a chat about creativity. Stephen shares how he believes God designed us all with an innate creativity, that’s crucial connecting with Him more deeply.

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