‘Little Women’ Director Clare Niederpruem: "Female film directors are so important... who knows women’s stories better?" – Hope 103.2

‘Little Women’ Director Clare Niederpruem: “Female film directors are so important… who knows women’s stories better?”

By Laura BennettThursday 29 Aug 2019Power Lunch with Laura Bennett

In this Power Lunch episode Laura catches up with the director of Heritage Media’s modern adaptation of the ‘Little Women’ film, Clare Niederprum.

She talks about her personal connection to the famous story, how the life of Louisa May Alcott inspires her, and how the celebrated 19th-century author helped to pave the path towards more roles opening for women 150 years on – like film directing.

“I feel so grateful to her and any women in that era who were fighting for women to work and be able to have a voice,” she said, “because it sets it up that now I can do this.”

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