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Children’s Author Katrina Roe Can Now Add “Award-Winning” To Her Name

By Clare BruceWednesday 30 Oct 2019Hope Mornings

When she’s not busy presenting Hope Mornings, Hope 103.2 announcer Katrina Roe is also (among many other things!) a children’s author, with several picture books to her name.

And now, in what is a career high for any author, Katrina has just been announced as the winner of a national prize for her latest book, Lily’s Balloon.

Published in 2018, Lily’s Balloon (illustrated by Helene Magisson) won the CALEB Prize in the Picture Books category. CALEB stands for Christian Authors Lifting Each Other’s Books, and it’s the only Christian prize for kid’s books in Australia.

The award was presented at the recent Omega Writer’s Conference, an annual gathering of Australian Christian writers.

Lily’s Balloon tells the story of a little girl who loses her balloon at a fair, and the other children who gain joy from the shimmering balloon, as it travels far and wide on the wind.

The book’s message, which speaks to children and adults alike, is about seeing the bigger picture when we miss out on things in life.

For info on buying the book, message Katrina through her author’s Facebook page.

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