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Finding Mercy:
Andrew Chan’s Story to be Told on Film

By Clare BruceThursday 27 Jul 2017Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

Listen: Film maker Ben Field chats to Hope 103.2 about his film in the making, Finding Mercy.

A film set to tell the story of the ‘Bali 9’ convicted drug smuggler Andrew Chan, and his journey of faith and redemption, is now in the making.

Ben Field, film maker and content director of Hillsong Channel, was deeply moved by the news of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukamaran’s executions in Bali in 2015. When he learnt of their faith story, and how their lives had been transformed inside prison in Bali, he was compelled to find a way to tell the story to a wider audience.

“A couple of days after the executions happened, it really struck me that this is an amazing story that isn’t being told,” he told Hope 103.2. “We did some investigating and made contact with the family, and they’d been talking about what they could do to keep the legacy of Andrew’s life alive, especially the untold story.”

The film, to be titled Finding Mercy, will delve into Chan and Sukumaran’s plea for clemency, and the difference they were making inside the prison – leading church services, art programs, and supporting other prisoners.

“Once they had found a new purpose in life, they were actually being a great asset to the prison system.”

“There’s a whole legal process those guys went through over the ten year period,” Ben said. “At the end of the day they took accountability and responsibility for what they had done…[smuggling] eight kilos of heroin into Indonesia,” said Ben. “So they were definitely punished for their crime. But within that they found faith and hope and a reason to live.

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“They were looking for clemency just to avoid the death penalty. Once they had found a new purpose in life, they were actually being a great asset to the prison system.”

The screenplay has been developed and filming is due to begin in 2018.

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