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Aladdin, The Musical: Dan Widdowson’s Verdict

Our good friend Dan Widdowson, lover of all things theatrical, pops in to review Ausrtalia's latest stage show Aladdin, based on 1992 Disney hit.

By Dan WiddowsonThursday 1 Sep 2016CultureReading Time: 2 minutes

Our good friend Dan Widdowson, lover of all things theatrical, popped by to review Australia’s latest stage show Aladdin—based on the 1992 Disney hit.


Who doesn’t remember visiting the local movie theatre back in 1992 for the new Disney hit of the day, Aladdin?

Moviegoers loved the characters so much that Disney were compelled to let them live on through Return of Jafar (1994) and Aladdin: King of Theives (1996). Not to mention the TV series, which I had the privilege of introducing each Saturday morning on Saturday Disney.

A scene from Aladdin the stage musical

Now, not only has this beautiful tale of adventure, comedy, and romance come to life on stage—it’s come to Sydney. Locals can catch Aladdin at the Capitol Theatre up until November 13th. And just like Robin Williams’ character in 1992, it is the Genie (played by Michael James Scott, above) who steals the show in this stage version.

A scene from Aladdin the stage musical

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Scott’s charisma is energising. He opens the show in such an exhilarating, inviting, and comedic manner, that the audience longs for his reappearance in the Cave of Wonders.

Scott, along with Arielle Jacobs (Princess Jasmine), are two of the Broadway actors imported to the Sydney show.

The majority of the cast though, including Ainsley Melham (Aladdin), are Australian grown. Melham does Australia and the Western Academy of Performing Arts proud, presenting an exceptional performance. He is vocally powerful, physically nimble, delivers a believable Aladdin, and shares great chemistry with Jacobs.

Keep an ear out for High Adventure, one of the new songs that lands in the second act. Delivered by Aladdin’s three pals, Babkak, Omar, and Kassim, it’s a number you won’t soon forget.

Glitz, glamour, humour, an epic tale, memorable songs, magical stage work, and a powerful message of hope and redemption. This is a must see.

NSW Premier Mike Baird and his wife Kerryn at the opening night of Aladdin the musical

Star guests: NSW Premier Mike Baird and his wife Kerryn on opening night