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Sam’s Marty McFly Party At Hope: You’re Invited!

Hope 103.2's Sam Robinson, a Back To The Future superfan, will celebrate “Back To The Future Day” in style with a “Marty McFly Welcome Party” to remember.

By Clare BruceWednesday 21 Oct 2015Hope BreakfastCultureReading Time: 2 minutes

Back To The Future superfan and Hope 103.2 nights presenter Sam Robinson (pictured above with Hoverboard), will celebrate “Back To The Future Day” in style tonight, with a “Marty McFly Welcome Party” to remember.

For those who missed it, the 1980s Back To The Future film trilogy heralded October 21, 2015 as the day when Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) would arrive with his mad inventor friend Doc, from 1985—in a time machine.

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(Above: Proof of Marty and Doc’s pending arrival)

The flying time machine, fashioned from a silver DeLorian and famously fitted with a fictional “flux capacitor”, has inspired many a young-at-heart car enthusiast to go out and buy their own DeLorian.

Even the pop culture-savvy NSW Premier Mike Baird lined up a ride in one, to record a humorous BTTF-themed video message he posted on Facebook today.

Back To The Future Trivia, Technology And Nostalgia

Marty McFly and Doc in Back To The Future

While Sam has sadly missed out on riding in one of the impressive 1980s vehicles, he has managed to secure some very McFly-centric interviews.

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He’ll chat with Erin La Macchia about Back To The Future trivia, and with Laura Bennett about the technology predicted by the series—including hoverboards, self-lacing Nikes, flying cars and TV glasses.

There’ll also be a Back To The Future-themed rap from hip hopper Zero, while film expert Ben McEachen will enlighten listeners on the history of the trilogy, and what BTTF means to him.

Already Sam has been messing with the “very fabric of the time-space continuum”, by chatting to Dwayne and Laura during this morning’s breakfast show.

At the time of the interview, he was sitting about 13 hours in the future, presenting his night-time show live.  So if you missed it, you’ll get to hear that call again tonight, around 8:15pm—or just listen in the player above!

Taking Listeners Back In Time

Marty McFly and Doc in Back To The Future

Also, thanks to a special time-travel device that Sam found in the Hope 103.2 tech cupboard, you’ll get to do some time travel yourself.

Sam will take you on a trip back to 1985 to find out what Hope 103.2 sounded like 30 years ago, followed by a futuristic visit into 2045 to hear the sound of the station in 30 years’ time.

Even if you’re not a BTTF fan, there’s something for everyone, as Sam dusts off the 1985 records and plays a hit song from that year every hour—including The Power Of Love by Huey Lewis and the News, the Back To The Future themesong.

The fun kicks off at 7pm and the show continues until midnight.

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