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Money mad

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By Chris WittsSaturday 5 Jul 2014Morning Devotions with Chris WittsCultureReading Time: 0 minutes


I recently came across the inspiring story of Bill Borden who was bought up in a very wealthy aristocratic family. There was plenty of money in this family ..his father made a fortune in real estate in Chicago and silver mining in Colorado. By 1908,Bill was worth $1 million,which in today’s standard is about $40 million. He had everything – good education and on his way to making a personal fortune. But something very dramatic happened. He heard the preacher Dwight L Moody and gave his life to Jesus Christ and became a practicing Christian. His whole life changed,and at age 25 he did the unthinkable. He gave away his entire fortune – half to the church and the other half to overseas church missions. It made headlines throughout America. His university friends thought had had gone mad ..He felt God called him to be a missionary and so at age 26 he left to work as a missionary in Egypt and then to a remote part of China. Tragically,his life was cut short because he died of spinal meningitis after arriving in Cairo. His family were deeply shocked,But after his funeral,someone found his Bible which was handed to his Mum & Dad and inside was a note that said ‘No reserves. No retreat. No regrets”. I thought this was an inspiring story. There are times when following God’s way is more valuable than amassing a fortune.

Money is not everything,in spite of what so many people think.  Many of us hold money in high regard. Some of us may worship and covet it.. Money cannot buy happiness,but I guess it is indispensible for allowing you and those you love to lead a healthy and happy life ..but there’s a lot more in this topic than we first realize.

What were you taught about money as you were growing up? Something like “money doesn’t grow on trees”,or “money is the root of all evil”,or maybe “all rich people are greedy”?  Psychology Today magazine did a study back in May 1981 about the influence of money on people’s lives. The survey showed that people who are “money conscious” don’t have a satisfactory relationship with others,and they tend to be troubled by constant worry,anxiety and loneliness.

Henry Fielding said “make money your God and it will plague you like the devil”. Money is something that is with us every day. And it is used – saved – spent – scrounged and squeezed every day in our lives. People will do anything for money. And it makes you think doesn’t it?  How better to find God as our rock solid foundation,instead of money. God values you more than any amount of money. He loves you for eternity. Money ends when we die.

It’s time to see what Jesus said about money,for in fact He spoke about money quite a lot. Why? Because He realized how it can trip us up in life. He knew how distracting money can be when it’s out of control. And He knew the power of it and how easily it can get a strangle hold on us spiritually. Luke tells us in chapter 12 of his gospel “As thousands of people crowded around Jesus and were stepping on each other .. a man in the crowd said ‘teacher,tell my brother to give me my share of what our father left us when he died’. Jesus answered ‘who gave me the right to settle arguments between you and your brother?’ Then He said to the crowd ‘Don’t be greedy. Owning a lot of things won’t make your life safe”. (v1,13-15). Another version says  “Beware! Don’t be greedy for what you don’t have. Real life is not measured by how much we own.” (Luke 12:15) This is important teaching today because so many think that wealth equals success. But says who? God’s Word doesn’t say that. The truth is,however,that becoming the person God wants you to be on the inside and achieving the goals He sets for your life make you successful. Money or wealth or the lack of it has virtually nothing to do with you becoming the person God wants you to be… God is never impressed by monetary wealth. He is impressed by our obedience,our faith,and our reliance upon Him to guide us in all matters. Jesus simply said it like this – Be on your guard. Beware. Don’t fall into the trap of being greedy for what you don’t have. Be content. Your life does not consist in the abundance of your possessions.

Your life isn’t about your stuff and things or what you own. Or your investment portfolio. Your life is worth so much more than that.

Jesus was saying this. Significance does not come from being worth money. Significance comes from realizing who God has made you to be and living in the daily knowledge that God values your life and that He loves you beyond measure. It  is only when we get a true picture of our worth in God’s eyes…that we will know true significance..

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You are valuable not because of what you have,but because of who you are. Your value comes from God. He values us more than we will ever know.