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Downloading God’s love: Part 2

Morning Devotions is for those curious about the Christian faith and who want to explore Christian issues that relate to their daily life.

By Chris WittsThursday 17 Oct 2013Morning Devotions with Chris WittsCultureReading Time: 0 minutes


Step 2 Alt

I am assuming here that alt stands for Alternate-or is it Alternate? Actually,it is both. The word can be used both as an adjective and a verb.

First – ‘alternate’–when we begin to have thoughts that we know don’t serve us-it’s time to come up with new ones-to find alternate ones. Most often,when we feel a disconnect from God’s love we are tapping into something about ourselves that we don’t like-we feel worthless or unworthy,stupid,unlovable,or simply not good enough. Remember Step 1-control our thoughts to control our reality. Replace the unloving thoughts with loving ones. Create your own affirmations-“I can’t do this” becomes “I am competent and capable.” “I will never find love” becomes “I am loving and lovable.” “God doesn’t hear my prayers” becomes “I am God’s beloved child. I know that I am safe and taken care of.” As we find alternate thought patterns we open up our airwaves to God’s Divine download.

Then there’s alternate. There are many ways to make contact with God … Meditation and prayer are two of the most effective ways for plugging into God’s love. Talk to God,that’s essentially what prayer is. And it’s not just asking God for favours. Prayer is also thanking and praising God for having brought us this far. As we pray and affirm all that we know God to be,we affirm who we really are. Meditation is quieting our minds and listening for God. Incorporate all three-affirmation,prayer,and meditation–

Step 3 Delete

Finally,to make ourselves fully available and open to download God’s love,we must delete any static,interference,or power drains that get in our way. I’m referring here not just to our thoughts,but to people,places,and/or things. There is a process on the computer where a hard drive can be defragmented. I think it means a  way to reorganize or reallocate the storage on a computer’s hard disk by bringing together files or parts of files to optimize the machine’s performance. What do each of us need to do to defrag ourselves to optimize our performance? What is taking up space on our personal hard drives that we can delete? Are there people in our lives who bring us down instead of uplifting us? Are there places-for example our workplace or our home environment that cause us distress rather than comfort? Are there things that clutter our lives that we can eliminate? Hit the delete button and release all of those things. Hit the delete button and release people,places,and thoughts that keep us locked into unhealthy and self-defeating patterns. The more space we give to God,the more we optimize our performance.

We can defrag anywhere at any time. You can pray .. “God,take these thoughts that don’t serve me and help me to replace them with loving thoughts.”

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“God,help me to bless and release those people in my life who no longer see me as the divine being that I am.”

“God,help me to identify the skills and talents that I have and lead me to a work environment that will honour and reward me for them.”

“God,help me to de-clutter my home,my health,my life,and my heart so that I can be open to receive your love,your grace,and your healing right here and right now.” .

Control,alt,delete. Control our thoughts. Find alternate thoughts and alternate methods for accessing God’s download. Delete any thoughts,persons,places,or things that fragment us and keep from connecting with our Oneness with God.

On the computer keyboard when we push control,alt,delete in sequence,what happens? We REBOOT. To reboot a computer is to start it up again after a computer crash. Hence,”reboot” has the idea of starting a process over again. God gives us as many reboots as we want. Actually,every breath that we take in is a reboot. Every prayer that we offer is a reboot.  How many of us would like to reboot an experience or interaction just with the press of those three buttons?

God’s love is always downloadable. We have everything we need to make that Divine link. Enough space,the fastest connection imaginable,a reliable Source. There is no system ever made that can compare with this one. Control Alt Delete. Turn on,tune in,and download away.

Source – Rev Bonnie J Berger.