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Put the Kids First at Christmas Says Divorce Lawyer

Greta Haywood from Haywood Solicitors calls upon former spouses to set aside baggage and differences for the greater good of their children.

By Ben McEachenWednesday 14 Dec 2022Hope MorningsChristmasReading Time: 1 minute

Christmas is not the best time of year for everybody.

You might be experiencing this, as divorce has splintered your family.

Perhaps you know someone dealing with the pain, grief, anger and complexity of how divorce impacts holiday seasons.

Greta Haywood of Haywood Solicitors in Melbourne is a family lawyer, specialising in assisting women through the legal minefield of marriage separation.

Greta spoke with Hope Mornings about her preference for putting children first in divorce dealings.

Explaining some of the legal requirements of divorced parents at Christmas, Greta also provided tips for tackling the issues of caring for and “sharing” children at this time of year.

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