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Level of Demand for Salvos Help “Like Never Before”

Miriam Gluyas from Salvation Army shares potent stories of hope handed out to communities hurt by floods, cost of living, and housing woes.

By Ben McEachenFriday 23 Dec 2022Hope MorningsChristmasReading Time: 1 minute

Christmas can be a great day but there’s also a lot of pressure on us to make it an amazing event.

Even when we try to dial back the expectations, Christmas can remain more of a strain than we might wish.

The weight of Christmas only multiplies if you are dealing with anything from money woes to flood damage or housing concerns.

Miriam Gluyas is Divisional Commander of the Salvation Army in NSW and ACT and ahead of Christmas, she spoke with Hope Mornings and explained how high the expectations this year have been upon the Salvos social services.

But even with record levels of demand for support, Miriam shared uplifting examples of potent hope being delivered in hurting communities.

Listen to the full interview with Miriam Gluyas in the player above.

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