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Proclaim Jesus Rather than Complain About Christmas Consumerism

Simon Hansford from Uniting Church in Australia knows the "earthy" reality of Jesus cuts through the consumerism.

By Ben McEachenMonday 19 Dec 2022Hope MorningsChristmasReading Time: 1 minute

A “challenge” remains for those who want to celebrate and share the joy of Jesus’ birthday.

Simon Hansford is NSW/ACT leader of the Uniting Church in Australia.

He told Hope Mornings that after years of natural disasters, pandemic, warfare and money problems, this Christmas arrives at a time when many still feel hopeless or despairing.

“Of course, that’s the call of the Church – to articulate hope,” Simon said about Jesus’ followers spreading the good news.

With that hope in mind, Simon called for more proclaiming, less complaining.

“The Church spends a lot of time moaning about the commercialism of Christmas,” Simon said.

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“This is the time not to be complaining about that but articulating why… the ‘earthiness’ of Jesus being born is incredibly important.”

Simon acknowledged that our messy world continues to see “violence, war, injustice” occur. But God’s own Son coming into such a troubled, pained planet reveals so much about the divine comfort and support on offer to all.

“God is with us even when things aren’t working,” Simon said.

“God is there, leading us to hope and life.”

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