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Win a Volkswurst Christmas in July Rewind Party

Win a $2,000 Volkswurst Christmas Rewind Party and get a chance to re-do Christmas in a different way!

By Hope 103.2Tuesday 6 Jul 2021WinChristmas

Volkswurst – The Sausage for the People – want to help you throw a delicious Christmas lunch (or dinner) and help you re-do your Christmas with a $2,000 Volkswurst Christmas Rewind Party. 

This Christmas in July we want to rewind and give someone the chance to re-do the Christmas party that they had to miss last Christmas.

Volkswurst want to bring their award winning German sausages and unique custom built Kombi food truck to help you celebrate…. and the Volkswurst team really know how to do Christmas parties.

Volkswurst Christmas

This is a great opportunity to bring the good vibes back to your neighbourhood, with a Volkswurst, offering authentic German sausages cooked and served from an authentic German Kombi! PLUS Volkswurst are pros at helping you provide a COVIDSafe meal for your street.

Get your nature strips mowed and unroll the picnic blanket, Volkswurst – The Sausage for the People – is bringing their outstanding German food truck to your street.

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Competition closes: 1pm, Thursday 28 July 2021

Volkswurst sausages

More About Volkswurst

When it comes to sausages… it’s okay to be greedy. Book our kombi food truck all to yourself! or find out more about the Volkswurst pre-selected packages. 

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