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Why Christmas Traditions Still Mean Something

Richard Schwedes from the Lutheran Church of Australia wants us all to get into some old-school ways of celebrating Jesus' birth.

Listen: Richard Schwedes from Lutheran Church of Australia talks with Ben McEachen about the power of Christmas traditions

By Ben McEachenMonday 20 Dec 2021Hope AfternoonsChristmasReading Time: 1 minute

The big build-up to Christmas is not just a time to make sure you buy presents before the shops shut or parcel deliveries dry up.

The Advent season before the annual celebration of Jesus’ birth is a period for reflection and preparation, according to Richard Schwedes.

Richard is Assistant Bishop of the NSW District of the Lutheran Church of Australia. He’s also a pastor at two Lutheran churches in Sydney and he spoke with Hope Afternoons about how the ancient practice of traditions still makes a massive difference to dwelling on the meaning of Christmas.

“Why do we need Jesus’ love? Why did Jesus have to come to earth for us?” Richard said.

He outlined Lutheran traditions in and around Christmas to inspire us all to fully embrace the joy of Jesus.

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