Join the Christmas Roundtable with the 'Real Hope Conversations' Podcast Crew - Hope 103.2

Join the Christmas Roundtable with the ‘Real Hope Conversations’ Podcast Crew

A bit of fun around the Christmas table with Real Hope's Druvi Perera, Laura Bennett, Ben McEachen and Abby McPharlin.

By Hope 103.2Wednesday 15 Dec 2021Real Hope – The PodcastChristmasReading Time: 1 minute

Enjoying some laughs at a Christmas-themed roundtable and exploring what Christmas is all about, Real Hope devotional contributors Laura Bennett, Ben McEachen, and Druvi Perera, and Real Hope Conversations podcast host Abby McPharlin invite you to join them for this special episode of The Road to Christmas.

So, put on your Christmas wear, pull up a chair and take your seat at the table as you consider “what you are most mindful of this Christmas”.

“I’m mindful of making sure Christmas is actually the enjoyable family-based, faith-based experience that it’s actually meant to be,” Laura said.

While Druvi encourages us to be grateful for everything in our world right now.

“Part of that is being grateful for Jesus, Him coming down to earth – this whole crazy story where God becomes man, which is unfathomable, where can you write a story like that?”

Spoiler alert: one of this episode’s guests is also a fan of Michael Buble and Justin Bieber.

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