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12 Christmas Cards to Print or Make

Christmas card ideas for all of those who love to craft and for those who just want to print and send. Will keep the kids occupied for a while too!

By Hope 103.2Thursday 2 Dec 2021ChristmasReading Time: 2 minutes

12 Christmas Cards to Print or Make…

1. Get colouring: These easy printable cards from Suzanne Houghton Illustrations are great for the kids, or yourself, to colour in and send out as your Christmas cards this year.

2. Papercraft cards: Easy enough to do with the kids, these 3D pop-up Christmas card templates with instructions from My Nourished Home are sure to be fun to make.

3. Simple printable cards: Bright, fun and ready to print. These Christmas Cards from Homemade Gifts Made Easy will make it simple to send cards.

4. Dancing reindeer card: This printable card is set, so with some simple pinning or gluing the reindeer will dance its way into your friends and families hearts. Find it, and a Dancing Santa and Snowman, at the Brother Creative Center.

5. Standing 3D card: The standing snowman Christmas card will take your Christmas cards to the next level. The printable template from Crafts on Sea is easy to make and you get to have the fun of colouring it in as well.

6. Christmas photo cards: Have the Christmas photo you want on your cards. These printable Christmas cards from The Crazy Craft Lady are designed so your Christmas photo will fit in perfectly.

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7. Pop-up Christmas cards: These are simple-to-make but impressive-looking pop-up Christmas card templates from a variety of designers at Best Pop-Up Books that will be fun and create a memorable card without needing to be overly complicated.

8. Origami card: Do you have some scrapbooking paper lying around and want a challenge? This origami tree Christmas card template and instructional from Making Christmas Cards is perfect to craft a unique card.

9. Christmas cards for those we miss: Do you have some family you miss and won’t be able to see? This easy printable card from the Brother Creative Center will let them know you are still together in your hearts.

10. Create your own in Canva: With plenty of templates plus free design elements and photos to use Canva, whose creators are Australian, is a free web-based program perfect for knocking up a personalised Christmas card you can print at home.

11. 3D snowball card: This 3D Snowball card from the Brother Creative Center is colourful and impressive while being easy and you only need a printer, paper/card and scissors. Print the template, cut and then the pieces fit into each other – no glue or other equipment required.

12. Send an Australian Card: This easy printable Christmas card from Christmas Owl features Australian animals, perfect for when you want to send something with a slice of Australia on it.

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