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The Hope 103.2 Team’s Family Christmas Traditions

We asked our team to share their favourite Christmas traditions. They shared many great fun ideas, heart-warming rituals - and a few quirky surprises. 

By Hope 103.2Friday 6 Dec 2019Hope MorningsChristmasReading Time: 4 minutes

We asked our on-air and behind-the-scenes teams to share some of their favourite Christmas traditions. The list that resulted is full of amazing, creative and fun ideas, beautiful heart-warming rituals – and a few quirky surprises.

Ally, Breakfast Producer: During Christmas lunch, we light a candle for family who are no longer with us. It’s nice to say their name, and acknowledge their presence.

Daniel in Community Relations: Every year, on the day that we put up our Christmas tree, we give our daughters a prepared Christmas goodies box. In the box are a new set of Christmas Pyjamas, a chocolate, a couple of Christmas story books, and an ornament to add to the Christmas tree.

Katrina, Mornings Presenter: On Christmas Eve, I give my kids a Christmas book, which we read together at bedtime. On Christmas Day, we usually go to church, then hand out each gifts one at a time with a kiss and cuddle. This can take all day! We eat lunch sometime in the late afternoon, then fall asleep in our chairs or on the floor, while one of us takes photos of the others snoring and dribbling, while wearing a ridiculous paper hat. At about 5pm we phone my Aunt in the UK, and then we eat the leftovers for dinner!

Jodie in HR: We do a present hunt with clues. At each next clue, the kids get one of their presents to open. It’s lots of fun, but also helps the kids to appreciate each present on its own, rather than getting lots at the same time.

Dwayne, Content Director: One of my favourite times of the season is heading to the shops with the kids to get something for someone we don’t know and leaving it under Charity giving tree.  (I love the OCC Christmas shoe boxes too!)

Laura, Afternoons Presenter: Breakfast and presents with the family has become a bit of a tradition. We also like to invite anyone and everyone over in the afternoon or evening to eat leftovers and watch movies or (cheat at) board games.

Chantal in Sales: Since we arrived in Sydney a couple of years ago, we have a tradition to go to the Hillsong Christmas Spectacular on the Friday before Christmas. We love to kick-off the weekend by watching the beautiful show as a family, and we invite friends along too – the perfect way to get in the “Christmas mood”. I also ALWAYS make trifle for our Christmas gatherings with friends. I only have trifle once a year (at Christmas) and then I make it my mission to have LOTS of it! We had trifle for breakfast, lunch and dinner last Christmas day – I’m not joking. #noregrets

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Christmas Presents

Zoe in Community Relations: Our family goes to midnight mass on Christmas Eve. Then when we come home we cut our Christmas cake, and our Sri Lankan specialty called Love cake, and have a piece with usually a glass of wine before bed.

Ray, Drive Presenter: We don’t really have any traditions, but if I had to choose one, I’d go for The Christmas Pickle. It’s an old tradition where a pickle ornament is hidden on the Christmas tree. The first person to find the pickle among all the other ornaments gets an extra present on Christmas. I think it would be especially funny if the extra present was a jar of Pickles.

Abby in Community Relations: We listen to the John Williamson Album every Christmas – in particular the song Christmas Photo, while we take the family photo.

Travis in Sales: Traditions? Where do I begin! On the 30th of November every year our family always gets together to put up our Christmas tree. And every year my Italian Nonna makes the Lasagne for Christmas lunch. It takes her two days to make but it’s the best lasagne in the world!!

Michelle, Executive Assistant: We drive around Christmas Eve and look at Christmas lights, usually have croissants for breakfast Christmas morning, open presents up, go to church, then come home for the roast. Does a nap in the afternoon count as a tradition? I also bake gingerbread – lots of it – with the kids, for family, teachers and friends.

Gayle in Sales: Our family’s Christmas-Must is having dinner together in the last week of November, and putting tree up with Christmas music playing. Our family also attends church together early on Christmas morning.