Hope's Christmas Presence — Find-A-Word – Hope 103.2

Hope’s Christmas Presence — Find-A-Word

By Hope 103.2Wednesday 4 Dec 2019

We hope you enjoy our Advent calendar’s Day 6 adventure — the Hope 103.2 Christmas Find-A-Word!

It’s perfect for use at school in the wind-up to Christmas break, when Sunday School has ended for the year and the kids are back in church services, to do on the weekend as a family, or possibly you’re needing something for your afternoon coffee break at work?

One thing is for sure, you probably won’t find another Find-A-Word including both ‘pavlova’ and ‘frankincense’!

Download PDF – Hope 103.2’s Christmas Find-A-Word

If you’ve missed the first five days, then head on over to our Advent calendar to unwrap them now.

Hope's Christmas Presence 2019 Find-A-Word

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