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A Forgotten Christmas Carol, “The Magnificat” – Mike Frost Reflects on Mary’s Song

Author and teacher Mike Frost explains why his favourite Christmas song is the Magnificat - the one Mary sings when she finds out she'll give birth to Jesus

By Clare BruceTuesday 18 Dec 2018ChristmasReading Time: 2 minutes

Most of us have our favourite Christmas songs—and our most hated, too! Many a water-cooler debate has raged over whether The Little Drummer Boy gets a thumbs up or thumbs down.

For theologian, writer and activist Mike Frost, his favourite Christmas song is one that he says isn’t sung enough: it’s the Magnificat, the song Mary sings (found in the Bible in Luke Chapter 1), when she finds out from the angel Gabriel that she will give birth to the Messiah.

In this Christmas message for the Hope 103.2 Journey to Christmas series, Mike explains the song’s meaning. Mary sings not only about how Jesus will bless herself and her own people – but about the justice Jesus will bring to a world in need.

“She’s dreaming and singing about a time when, through her Son’s life and teaching and ministry, rulers will be brought down, the lowly will be lifted up, the hungry will be fed,” Mike says.

“When she’s talking about rulers being brought down, she would be thinking about Caesars, King Herod, Pharaohs, dictators, like Nebuchadnezzar, from her own nation’s history. She’s imagining a time where despots are brought down, where injustice is ended. She dreams that in Jesus this world will be made right.”

While gift giving and family are wonderful things, Mike believes we need to remember and sing more songs like Marys: “about the world set right, and our hope that in the second coming of Jesus, all that Mary had hoped for and sung about will ultimately be fulfilled.”

Mary Pregnant with Jesus

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