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Christmas on the Land During a Drought: Kath Henry’s Childhood Memory

By Clare BruceThursday 20 Dec 2018

In Part 5 of our Journey to Christmas Series, Kath Henry, pastor of Northridge Vineyard Church in Thornleigh, reflects on her memory of her childhood years living in the country (see the video below) – and one memorable Christmas celebrated during a season of drought.

“As a family we were invited out to some other peoples’ property to share a Christmas lunch, early on a really, really hot day,” she recalls.

“We knew that dinner was about to be served when stomping feet came in across the floorboards. The roast was carved and grace was said, and then all the kids gathered around the table, and called out for whatever we wanted, passed to us on these incredible platters full of food.

“My recollection of that time along with the heat and the dust, is just the goodwill that people had in their heart.”

Kath says her standout memory of that time, despite the financial hardship her family was facing, was the sense of love and kinship between friends.

“I remember the fact that it was drought time, but people came together to share what they had, and to share a love that they had, because they had a faith in Jesus Christ,” she says.

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“Even as a little girl I remember how much that meant to me, and how much that sense of family and extended family and welcome at the table meant to me.”

“Whether it’s a drought season, or a green season…Christ has a table for us to come to.”

Kath says this sense of goodwill and welcome at a family table, is a metaphor for Christ’s love for us, and the love available to us in the community of faith, regardless of the season of life we are in.

“Whether it’s hard, a drought season, or whether there has been flourishing flowers in your garden in a green season – whether that’s spiritual or physical,” Kath says, “I hope that you’ll remember that Christ has a table for us to come to, and that we can share with the extended family, and know the peace and the love of God.”

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