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The Hopeland Christmas Radio Drama starring Starchild Gumdrop

In this year’s Christmas Radio Drama, we follow Starchild Gumdrop the elf, as he tries to track down the missing fluffy wings to finish off Santa's last toy

By Hope 103.2Friday 23 Dec 2016Hope BreakfastChristmasReading Time: 2 minutes

In December each year the Hope 103.2 announcers get together to create what has become affectionately known as the Hopeland Christmas Radio Drama.

In this year’s drama, we follow the adventures of the very dedicated yet frustrated elf named Starchild Gumdrop, who is busy in Santa’s workshop, trying to put the finishing touches to the final dragon toy before Christmas Day. But there’s one major problem: he has lost the dragon toy’s fluffy wings…

Starchild Gumdrop the Elf on phone, on Hold

Episode 1: Elf on Hold

Starchild Gumdrop makes a phone call to try and track down the fluffy dragon wings, but gets put on hold trying to find the right department.

Episode 2: Loading Bay 12

After much waiting on the phone, Starchild Gumdrop heads on down to Santa’s Loading Bay to see if he can find the fluffy wings in person.

Episode 3: Frosty’s Lost and Found

Having had no luck at the loading bay, Starchild Gumdrop is directed to Frosty’s Lost and Found – where everybody speaks in rhyme – to seek the fluffy wings.

Starchild Gumdrop the Elf stuck in elevator with Lollipop

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Episode 4: Elevator Ride

Frosty has directed Starchild Gumdrop to go and speak to the Big Man. But on the way, Starchild gets stuck in an elevator… with Lollipop.

Episode 5: The Big Man

Finally, Starchild makes it to the office of the Big Man where he approaches to ask for help.

Starchild Gumdrop the Elf visits the Big Man's office