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Recipes To Recreate A Hope Christmas Feast

If you’re looking for some new inspiration for your Christmas Day feast this year, check out these favourite recipes from Hope 103.2 announcers and staff.

By Clare BruceSaturday 5 Dec 2015ChristmasReading Time: 4 minutes

If you’re looking for some new inspiration for your Christmas Day feast this year, check out these favourite recipes from Hope 103.2 announcers and staff.

There’s some old classics here, as well as a few more recent Aussie traditions, and a couple of international surprises.

Laura – French Toast Kebabs

Our bubbly breakfast host Laura found a fantastic recipe for French Toast Kebabs on Pinterest. “It pretty much tastes like fluffy sugar and maple syrup – with strawberries to make it ‘healthy’,” she said. “I initially made it as part of a special Saturday breakfast for the family and it went down a TREAT.”

Dan – Pork Crackling

Breakfast presenter Dan is a big fan of pork crackling. “My mum makes the best crackling in the world,” he bragged. “I hear it’s great to have cold the next morning… But we never have any left over!” Try this Pork Crackling recipe from

Erin – Christmas Pavlova

Berry Pavlova

Afternoons announcer Erin is quite the foodie and doesn’t spare any detail when it comes to making Pavlova at Christmas time. “Make sure it’s crisp on the outside, nice and marshmallowy on the inside, and use beautiful fresh cream,” she said. “Go for berries on the top. Rosewater is a great addition too. Donna Hay’s Pavlova recipe is my favourite.”

Kim – Ice Cream Puddings

Hope 103.2’s marketing manager Kim is a passionate food blogger, so it’s no surprise she has her own fabulous recipe. “If I’m having people over for festivities I like making ice cream puddings,” she said. “Mix pudding ingredients like sultanas, raspberries, nuts and coconut, into ice cream – Cookies And Cream flavour is best – and pop them into a muffin tin. Once set in the freezer, just invert them, then top with white Ice Magic and a red Jube – to look like a little pudding with custard and cherry on top.” If you like detailed instructions, here’s a nice recipe for Mini Ice Cream Puddings.

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Sam – Roast Sweet Potato

Roast Sweet Potato

Sam, our Nights presenter, describes sweet potato as his “favourite food in the entire world”. “Roast sweet potato at Christmas makes lunch complete,” he said. “There’s no special recipe – it’s just roasted so it’s super delicious, but I always keep it on my plate for last.” has a fabulous recipe for Maple Baked Sweet Potato.

Emma – Jamaican Sorrel Drink

Our mornings announcer Emma is married to Terrence, who’s Jamaican by heritage, so she’s picked up some great recipes from his family. At Christmas time every year she treats her guests to a traditional Jamaican drink called Sorrel. “It’s my Christmas specialty,” she said. It’s bright red and contains the red flower buds of the Roselle (Hibiscus) plant. Want to give it a try? Here’s a recipe – Spiced Caribbean Sorrel Drink.

Phillip – English Plum Cake

Our CEO Phillip is a man who loves a bit of tradition, and he reckons you can’t beat an English Plum Cake at Christmas time.  “Amazingly rich, full of flavour and delicious with ice cream or King Island cream,” he said.  “Just says Christmas like no other desert!” Here’s a great traditional recipe for English Plum Cake.

Andrew – French Yule Log

Chocolate Yule Log

Andrew, our Digital Manager, is a big fan of the traditional French Christmas cake known as the Yule log. “It’s awesome,” he said. “My French friends Matt and Sylvie make it for us every year, covered in chocolate – often Nutella – and Christmas decorations. It’s become my favourite Christmas dessert.” Here’s Nigella Lawson’s Yule Log recipe.

Travis – Crostoli

As an Italian by family heritage, Travis, our National Sales Rep, can never say no to a delicious Italian treat: “At Christmas time I love the traditional biscuits, especially Amoretti cookies and Crostoli.” Try your hand at Italian baking with this Crostoli recipe.

Ramona – White Christmas

Ramona’s one of our top sales staff, didn’t have to think too hard when asked for her favourite Christmas treat. Good old White Christmas – a childhood favourite. She says, “I just love sweet food!” Kellogg’s recipe for White Christmas is one of the best.

Clare – Mangoberry Summer Slushy

Berry Slushy

This recipe is from Hope 103.2’s web journalist Clare (that’s me!) It’s a colourful, icy, tasty drink that I invented and served as a refreshing after-lunch drink one Christmas. It promptly became a tradition. Blend 1 cup of frozen raspberries, 1 cup of frozen mango, half a banana, half a cup of ice, and about a cup of orange juice, or apple-mango juice, in a blender. Vary the juice quantity depending how thick you want it. Whizz til slushy. Serve in a glass with a mint leaf on top. Best eaten with a teaspoon! Here’s a nice Berry Smoothie recipe with milk; try replacing the milk with fruit juice.

Claire – Pistachio Biscotti

Claire – the lovely lady who schedules all our sponsorship messages – loves the Pistachio Biscotti with White Chocolate that her friend makes every year at Christmas time. She’s got lots of lovely memories associated with these biscuits: “It just makes me think of good times!”

Ally – Fruit Mince Pies

Fruit Mince pies

Besides her passion for fresh fruit bought at roadside stalls at Christmas time, our Events and Promotions whizz Ally also has great love for good old fashioned fruit mince pies. “They’re a staple in our household,” she said. “One year we made (and ate) three dozen!” Here’s a great version of Fruit Mince Pies from

Miguel – Vitel Tonne / Vitello Tonnato

Hope 103.2 volunteer Miguel is Italian-Argentian by heritage, and every Christmas for most of his life he’s enjoyed a European veal-and-tuna dish called Vitel Tonne (French) – or in Italian, Vitello Tonnato. “My mum used to make it – it was always present at Christmas.” Now he’s a grandpa and continues to enjoy the tradition each year. Here’s a gorgeous Vitello Tonnato recipe from Gourmet Traveller.