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Christmas Proposals From Around The World

What could be more magical than a marriage proposal at Christmas? Here's a few from around the world... starting with the Aussie proposal that went viral.

By Clare BruceThursday 24 Dec 2015ChristmasReading Time: 2 minutes

If there’s one thing almost everyone loves, it’s a good marriage proposal story. And when done at Christmas time, they’re about as magical as you can get. 

We’ve searched Youtube for a selection of Christmas proposals from around the world… starting with the Aussie proposal that went viral.

Grab a box of tissues—and enjoy.


Australia – Family Photo Proposal

This proposal by one highly clever and sneaky Aussie guy in 2014 went viral. It’s no wonder. Points for romance and creativity.


USA – Front Door Serenade

Well this is brave. Ukelele and everything. So romantic!

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Cyprus – Dance Troupe Proposal

This Cypriot guy takes the cake for planning and choreography. Let’s hope his beloved is not an introvert; there’s even people watching from the balconies.


USA – Christmas Party Proposal

I love this guy’s ingenuity. The blindfolds, the friends gathered round. So much fun!


UK – Proposal On Ice

Try staying upright on your iceskates when you’re in the middle of proposing. It’s just as well he got down on one knee…


USA – Film Set Proposal

If you want to get a great video of your proposal, it helps to work in the film industry. This guy convinced his girl that they were just creating a music video clip. Little did she know…


Italy – Flashmob Proposal

If the love of your life is not good with crowds, don’t try proposing to her via flashmob. Thankfully, this big-crowd proposal in Italy went down a treat.


USA – Christmas Morning With The Family

Nothing extra-special about this proposal, except that you’ll cry your eyes out. He opens the box; she loses it. Beautiful.