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 TitleSegment Presenter 
12:21amExpressing AppreciationFocus on the Family Minute
12:41amKids and ChoresFocus on the Family Minute
1:00amLTW 2023-12-04 6961Leading the Way
1:48amChristmas - Through The Eyes of a ChildHeidi Wysman
2:17amHoliday HopeGod in 60 Seconds
2:39amWhat Happened to the New AtheistsKarl Faase
3:18amOnly Good Boys and Girls are LovedDavid Reay
3:39amPint Sized PrayersFocus on the Family Minute
4:18amHe Rescused MeHeidi Wysman
4:40amHome AloneGod in 60 Seconds
5:17amPainful HealingDavid Reay
5:40amLove at First SightFocus on the Family Minute
6:22amFollowing a StarTania Harris
6:45amNever Alone At ChristmasHeidi Wysman
7:22amReal or FakeGod in 60 Seconds
7:45amTalking Body ImageFocus on the Family Minute
8:24amSeek God And FindTania Harris
8:47amThe Good ShepherdHeidi Wysman
9:23amThe GrinchGod in 60 Seconds
9:44amOnly 15pc Engaged in Their WorkKarl Faase
10:22amBack on TrackDavid Reay
10:44amSound Career AdviceFocus on the Family Minute
11:22amAmerican DeclarationTania Harris
11:41amEmmanuel God With UsHeidi Wysman
12:22pmFamily TraditionsFocus on the Family Minute
12:49pmJoy at ChristmasGod in 60 Seconds
1:32pmYou Need to ListenKarl Faase
1:45pmChariots of FireDavid Reay
2:28pmKids Learn What They LiveFocus on the Family Minute
2:48pmGod Speaks in Various WaysTania Harris
3:06pmLTW 2023-12-04 6961Leading the Way
4:24pmThe Light of the WorldHeidi Wysman
4:47pmMessiahGod in 60 Seconds
5:21pmAtheists lost faith in AtheismKarl Faase
5:43pmThe Chirstian BubbleDavid Reay
6:26pmTeaching True FriendshipFocus on the Family Minute
6:46pmThe Power of GivingTania Harris
7:18pmThe Inn KeeperHeidi Wysman
7:42pmWhen Kids BickerFocus on the Family Minute
8:18pmJesusGod in 60 Seconds
8:39pmFields of FlandersKarl Faase
9:16pmFallible HumansDavid Reay
9:38pmKids Pushing BoundariesFocus on the Family Minute
10:14pmThe Palm TreeHeidi Wysman
10:38pmSibling RivalryFocus on the Family Minute
11:15pmThe Gift of ElizabethTania Harris
11:38pmOperating SystemsGod in 60 Seconds

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