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 TitleSegment Presenter 
12:15amKeeping Toddlers BusyFocus on the Family Minute
12:38amThe SongEveryday Stories with Naomi Reed
1:00amGot Freedom Part 9Leading the Way
1:50amGet Your House in OrderJust a Minute with Berni Dymet
2:20amWallsHeidi Wysman
3:17amUncertain Times with a Certain GodTania Harris
4:22amInsurance Over TroubleRichard Quadrio
4:42amMind The GapEveryday Stories with Naomi Reed
5:17amWhat is it with RulesJust a Minute with Berni Dymet
5:37amOur Wonderful CounselorHeidi Wysman
6:24amHealthy Body ImageFocus on the Family Minute
6:45amGod's Calling and AbilitiesTania Harris
7:55amWisdom Is a ChoiceRichard Quadrio
8:23amWith All Our MightEveryday Stories with Naomi Reed
8:43amBody TempleJust a Minute with Berni Dymet
9:23amForgiveness is a ChoiceFocus on the Family Minute
9:46amHearing God's VoiceTania Harris
10:43amBeehives and Judging OthersRichard Quadrio
11:26amHe Loves Us Because Of Who He IsEveryday Stories with Naomi Reed
11:48amBody BeautifulJust a Minute with Berni Dymet
12:24pmEverything Starts With a SeedHeidi Wysman
1:26pmHelping Children Deal With AngerFocus on the Family Minute
1:45pmInner Circle Of FriendsTania Harris
2:45pmRaising Purpose Driven TeensFocus on the Family Minute
3:09pmGot Freedom Part 9Leading the Way
4:22pmContentment and SatisfactionRichard Quadrio
4:45pmFriendshipEveryday Stories with Naomi Reed
5:24pmNo LawJust a Minute with Berni Dymet
5:48pmThe Eyes are the Window of the Whole BodyHeidi Wysman
6:44pmSetting Rules With LoveFocus on the Family Minute
7:18pmTrue Relationships and LimitsTania Harris
7:41pmGodless to GodGod in 60 Seconds
8:16pmWhy Kids Act Up NEWFocus on the Family Minute
8:40pmUnrest and ContentmentRichard Quadrio
9:15pmMission ImpossibleJust a Minute with Berni Dymet
9:37pmThe Most Important ThingsEveryday Stories with Naomi Reed
10:17pmSufferingGod in 60 Seconds
10:39pmI Am SorryHeidi Wysman
11:46pmRules, Rules, RulesJust a Minute with Berni Dymet

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