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 TitleSegment Presenter 
12:18amCoincidence and PrayerJust a Minute with Berni Dymet
12:42amListening to TeenagersFocus on the Family Minute
2:21amLet God Be Your GPSHeidi Wysman
2:42amEars to HearTania Harris
3:19amGenuine ApologiesKarl Faase
3:40amValue of a GrandparentFocus on the Family Minute
4:16amJesus PrayerJust a Minute with Berni Dymet
4:36amGiving ThanksDavid Reay
5:19amAnswered PrayerEveryday Stories with Naomi Reed
5:38amTalking with JesusTania Harris
6:20amA PrayerEveryday Stories with Naomi Reed
7:23amA Shy HopeKarl Faase
7:44amWe See Him in CreationHeidi Wysman
8:23amWho Talks MoreTania Harris
8:41amGod's Surprises UsEveryday Stories with Naomi Reed
9:23amA Supportive HouseholdFocus on the Family Minute
9:44amBeing SatisfiedEveryday Stories with Naomi Reed
10:23amHonest PrayingDavid Reay
11:21amDitching the Prayer FormulaJust a Minute with Berni Dymet
11:46amThe Secret PlaceHeidi Wysman
12:23pmPrayerEveryday Stories with Naomi Reed
12:46pmThree Ways God SpeaksTania Harris
1:47pmYour Prayer Has Been HeardHeidi Wysman
2:23pmTake the Time to ListenKarl Faase
2:47pmYour Five Dinner GuestsTania Harris
4:23pmYou Don't Pray Because You Don't BelieveRichard Quadrio
4:42pmA Wing and a PrayerJust a Minute with Berni Dymet
5:45pmHome Grown VeggiesFocus on the Family Minute
6:26pmYou Never AskedTania Harris
6:46pmWe've Won the LotteryRichard Quadrio
7:20pmLife Kisses UsHeidi Wysman
7:41pmDealing With Parental DoubtFocus on the Family Minute
8:16pmThe Witness of WeaknessDavid Reay
8:36pmServiceKarl Faase
9:19pmPrayer WorksHeidi Wysman
9:40pmThe Power of PrayerJust a Minute with Berni Dymet
10:18pmPray OutsideRichard Quadrio
11:16pmA long prayerEveryday Stories with Naomi Reed
11:38pmA Hotline to GodDavid Reay

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