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 TitleSegment Presenter 
12:31amJohn 316Heidi Wysman
1:30amWhen I'm 91Just a Minute with Berni Dymet
2:00amEnjoy the Journey Pt. 2Morning Devotions with Chris Witts
2:27amA New CalendarEveryday Stories with Naomi Reed
3:27amLight of the WorldRichard Quadrio
4:31amWe're All Going on a Summer HolidayGod in 60 Seconds
5:30amMaking MistakesTania Harris
6:37amFive As of Accepting BlameFocus on the Family Minute
7:37amThe Cry for MercyHeidi Wysman
8:39amWhat Are You AvoidingJust a Minute with Berni Dymet
9:05amEnjoy the Journey Pt. 2Morning Devotions with Chris Witts
9:37amChanging Us, SlowlyEveryday Stories with Naomi Reed
10:41amThankfulnessGod in 60 Seconds
11:41amGod's Order ReversalTania Harris
12:39pmConflict Resolution Crash CourseFocus on the Family Minute
1:37pmComparisonHeidi Wysman
2:37pmLife in a PrisonJust a Minute with Berni Dymet
3:33pmThe Deepest, Richest TimesEveryday Stories with Naomi Reed
4:32pmYes DayGod in 60 Seconds
5:31pmThe TalkFocus on the Family Minute
6:30pmHand and HeartJust a Minute with Berni Dymet
7:34pmJust in CaseEveryday Stories with Naomi Reed
8:34pmFood is LoveGod in 60 Seconds
9:30pmMemory SlipsFocus on the Family Minute
10:34pmBroken WorldDavid Reay
11:34pmHow to Raise a BratFocus on the Family Minute

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