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 TitleSegment Presenter  
12:27amNew LifeJust a Minute with Berni Dymet
1:30amBorn AgainJust a Minute with Berni Dymet
2:00amA glimpse of HeavenMorning Devotions with Chris Witts
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2:28amDialoguing With KidsFocus on the Family Minute
3:31amCome To MeHeidi Wysman
4:29amThe Perfect FruitLinda Bailey
5:30amSt Johns 2009-06-07St John's Parramatta
6:30amThe Art of Asking QuestionsTania Harris
7:26amSlow DownRichard Quadrio
8:06amAmos 3-4Christian Growth with Simon Manchester
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9:05amA glimpse of HeavenMorning Devotions with Chris Witts
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9:38amThey Cried OutEveryday Stories with Naomi Reed
10:36amThe Proud GardenersLinda Bailey
11:41amJesus WeptDavid Reay
12:38pmGenerationsRichard Quadrio
1:38pmNo More ExcusesFocus on the Family Minute
2:36pmThe Never Ending ArgumentLinda Bailey
3:33pmFocus on the GoodDavid Reay
4:34pmFallible HumansDavid Reay
5:34pmThe AviatorRichard Quadrio
6:35pmGod Can Not LieHeidi Wysman
7:39pmTheres More to LifeJust a Minute with Berni Dymet
8:37pmThe Prodigal SonRichard Quadrio
9:31pmIn the GardenEveryday Stories with Naomi Reed
10:33pmTurned a Blind EyeDavid Reay
11:33pmDealing With A ProdigalFocus on the Family Minute

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