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12:34amGS19.06 Richard Quadrio #111 2016-12-01Richard Quadrio
1:30amTheir hearts burned within themEveryday Stories with Naomi Reed
2:00amDoing good to OthersMorning Devotions with Chris Witts
2:35amGS19.06 David Reay #049David Reay
3:36amGS19.06 Karl Faase #756Karl Faase
4:35amGS19.06 Barry Grosser #019Barry Grosser
5:29amBless Me IndeedJust a Minute with Berni Dymet
6:09amThe Pressure of the world Time with God - John North
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7:53amKind words are like honeyHeidi Wysman
8:48amGS19.06 David Reay #043David Reay
9:06amDoing good to OthersMorning Devotions with Chris Witts
10:45amLosing An ArgumentLinda Bailey
11:41amGS19.06 Richard Quadrio #186 2017-03-14Richard Quadrio
12:38pmGS19.06 Karl Faase #823Karl Faase
1:37pmGenerosityTania Harris
2:37pmThe Mighty Word of GodJust a Minute with Berni Dymet
3:33pmLike bare trees in winterEveryday Stories with Naomi Reed
4:33pmGS19.06 David Reay #046David Reay
5:31pmPaying The BillLinda Bailey
6:37pmBarry GrosserBarry Grosser
7:35pmGS19.06 Richard Quadrio #218 2017-04-26Richard Quadrio
8:36pmGS19.06 Karl Faase #756Karl Faase
9:37pmA comma or a fullstopHeidi Wysman
10:38pmLamenting and groaningEveryday Stories with Naomi Reed
11:40pmGS19.06 David Reay #053David Reay