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LifeWords Q&A – David Reay

About LifeWords Q&A

LifeWords Q&A with David Reay is a 20 minute question and answer conversation about faith and life from a Christian perspective. It is one Hope 103.2’s most downloaded programs.

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About David Reay

David has been an Anglican clergyman for over 30 years and has served in churches at Norfolk Island, Belrose, and Wahroonga. He is now involved in part time ministry in the church, assisting in various churches in an interim role. He is also involved in writing and presenting Christian material for radio.

Prior to entering ordained ministry, he worked for Qantas at Sydney Airport in the customer services area. David retains involvement at the International Airport through membership of the Gold Ambassador volunteer programme.

David is married to Jennifer and they have two adult daughters. His other interests include classical music, reading, and air and rail travel.

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