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Relativity – a play – Chippendale

There will be 10 performances of the play ‘Relativity’.

In 1902, Albert and Mileva Einstein had a daughter. After 1904, the child was never seen or spoken of again. Many years have passed and now a reporter has come to interview Einstein about his mysterious family history, only to discover far more secrets under the surface. As the reporter questions Einstein about his theory of relativity and personal past, she develops a new, more pressing query: To be a great man, does one first need to be a good man?

Directed by Johann Walraven
Cast: Nisrine Amine, Alison Chambers, Nicholas Papademetriou

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Organisation: Joining the Dots Theatre

Contact: Joining the Dots Theatre

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Location: Chippen Street Theatre, 45 Chippen St, Chippendale NSW 2008


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Date: See website for dates and times from Wednesday 29 June to Saturday 9 July 2022