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DivorceCare group – Parramatta

DivorceCare is program to help those who are going through the pain of separation and divorce recover and find healing in a supportive group environment. The facilitation is done in a non-judgmental way, which facilitates the healing process and discovery of new ways of doing things in life.

Our program in Parramatta is run by friendly, trained facilitators, a number of whom have themselves experienced the difficulties that divorce and separation bring. It goes for 13 weeks on Sundays, from 2 – 4pm. Participants can join at any time and pick up missed sessions the next time round.

DivorceCare is an ongoing group that runs in 13 week cycles with a few weeks’ break between cycles.

Event Details

Organisation: Life Christian Church

Contact: Christine Yee Kouch

Email Address: yee_kouch@yahoo.com.au

Location: 151 Burnett Street, Mays Hill 2150

Website: http://www.lifecc.net.au

Phone Number: 0406 917 699

Date: 2 PM - 4 PM between 11 February and 27 May 2018

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