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Let’s talk mental health and suicide – Sydney

In 2017, suicide was the leading cause of death in Australia among people aged between 15–44 years, and the second leading cause of death among those 45-54 years of age.

It’s time to start talking about it.

Rotary Club of Sydney in partnership with Wesley LifeForce invite you to join Keith V Garner AM, Wally Lewis AM, Dr Andrew Rochford, Christine Morgan, Graeme Cowan and others for a day discussing the causes of suicide and examining what can be done to support those at risk.

Event Details

Organisation: Rotary Club of Sydney in Partnership with Wesley LifeForce

Contact: Wesley LifeForce

Email Address: resilience@wesleymission.org.au

Location: Wesley Conference Centre, 220 Pitt Street, Sydney 2000

Website: https://www.wesleymission.org.au/get-involved/events/event/lets-talk-mental-health-and-suicide/

Phone Number: 1800 100 024

Date: 9:30 AM - 4 PM on Saturday 23 February 2019

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