Church Event: "Why Does a Good God Allow Bad Things" – Bligh Park – Community Noticeboard – Hope 103.2

Church Event:
“Why Does a Good God Allow Bad Things” – Bligh Park

Are you curious as to why there are so many bad stories happening? Do you really want to find real and rational answers to why God allows death and suffering, including natural disasters and personal tragedies? How can God be good and still allow these bad things to occur?

If you have courageous curiosity, then get along to Bligh Park Community Centre to this FREE event to watch a DVD presentation by Gary Bates on this most challenging and important subject.

Event Details

Organisation: Sydney Friends of Creation Ministries International

Contact: Roger Griffiths

Email Address:

Location: Bligh Park Community Centre, 4 Sirius Road, Bligh Park 2756


Phone Number: 0409 305 068

Date: 2 PM - 3:15 PM on Sunday 18 February 2018

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