Church Event: Dealing with guilt and shame – Newtown – Community Noticeboard – Hope 103.2

Church Event:
Dealing with guilt and shame – Newtown

Guilt and shame are two of the most powerful realities in human life. Most of us regard them as overbearingly negative experiences that must be avoided or removed if we are to find wholeness and happiness in our lives.

In our next CCL event, Dan Wu will expose the biblical truth about guilt and shame – what guilt and shame are, how they can be both negative _and_ positive experiences in our Christian lives, and how they relate to the most important reality affecting human life: the glory of God in the cross of Jesus Christ.

Event Details

Organisation: Centre for Christian Living

Contact: Karen Beilharz

Email Address:

Location: Marcus Loane Hall, Moore College, 1 King St, Newtown 2042


Phone Number: 02 9577 9956

Date: 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM on Wednesday 7 March 2018

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