A word from Phillip - Hope 103.2

A word from Phillip

[Image of Phillip] Caption: Phillip Randall, CEO 

Dear Friend,

It’s been 15 years since I first arrived at Hope 103.2. My family packed up our home in Western Australia to unpack an adventure in Sydney. It was more than a new job. In some ways it was a new life.

That journey across the country was the start of a journey with the Hope 103.2 family for which I continually thank God. And, like that morning 15 years ago, I look ahead today with so much anticipation.

Thanks to your gifts and prayers, we’re able to bring Hope 103.2 before those who haven’t found us yet. A large-scale outdoor marketing campaign has helped potentially millions of people across our city discover Hope 103.2 and the true hope that is our foundation.

My good friend, Chris Witts, reminded me of something recently – God can be trusted, and He will provide. I saw that in my own life, and now I see it in His provision of friends like you.

It’s my prayer you’ve also been reminded of that truth as you’ve read in this newsletter how God is using your prayers and gifts to provide hope to so many.

Thank you for your support of Hope 103.2. I am truly grateful for you!


Phillip Randall