Finding Restoration for Your Soul - Hope 103.2

Finding Restoration for Your Soul

by David Reay

[Image] Caption: David Reay, LifeWords Presenter

There are times in life when we feel beaten down. Life throws a lot at us and we are often worn out in a way that delights the evil one. And it’s not so much that he attacks us by sending those adversities our way. Rather, he tempts us to respond to those adversities with fear or hopelessness.

To use the analogy of a sheep, we (like sheep) can sometimes fall over and need help to get on our feet again. That’s where the comforting truth of Psalm 23:3 comes in,

He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.

This is what our Good Shepherd does for us: He restores us when we are down and out. Sheep are vulnerable when lying prone on the ground. It is better for them to be up on their feet to deal with any threats that come their way. It’s the same with us. When we are fatigued, worn out and smitten with despair, we are less able to cope with whatever we face.

But God refreshes, renews and restores our very lives. He picks us up and puts us on our feet again. And He doesn’t do it just to get us into a better frame of mind. He does it so we’ll move along the right paths, in His ways.

Our Good Shepherd lifts us up when we fall and empowers us when we lose heart. He does this because He loves us. But He also does it so we can better honour him. May we find our rest in Him and never wallow in weariness!