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The Different Types of Dads — Happy Father’s Day, Hopeland Dads!

To celebrate our Hopeland dads this Father’s Day, we want to know which fun-loving label you would use for your dad – if you had to sum him up in one?

We have prizes to give away, which could be perfect to palm off to your dad as a present on Sunday 6 September (we won’t tell ?… although, he may clue in if he sees the photo you’ve entered), as well as encouraging articles, interviews and videos if you are a dad yourself.

Recent Interviews and Videos

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The Different Types of Dads — Which Dad is Your Dad?

Father's Day 2020

Send us a photo of your dad that shows him in his element and tell us which type of dad he is, to go in the draw to win a randomly drawn prize from the Hope Father’s Day Stall. We know with the uncertainty this year has brought, some schools may not be able to run stalls and we would hate for you to miss out on a ‘random dad gift’ so you’re very welcome?

Is your dad…

  • the Musician Dad
  • the Sporty Dad
  • the Dancing Dad
  • the Gadget Dad
  • the All-Business Dad
  • the Granddad
  • the Stay-at-Home Dad
  • the Single Dad
  • the Foster Dad
  • the New Dad
  • the Artistic Dad
  • the BBQing Dad
  • the Shout-at-the-TV Dad
  • the Sleep-in-Front-of-the-TV Dad
  • the Loud-Church-Singing Dad
  • the Star Trek/Star Wars Dad
  • the Fix-It-Myself (No Matter Who Objects) Dad
  • the I-Don’t-Need-Safety-Equipment Dad
  • the Speak-Up-I-Can’t-Hear-You Dad
  • the Revhead Dad
  • the Best-Lawn-on-the-Block Dad
  • the Barista-Hipster Dad
  • the Foodie Dad
  • the Adrenaline-Junkie Dad

Or, create your ‘DIY Type’ over at our competition page.

Father's Day 2020 Father's Day 2020

Do You Just Want to Share Some Dad Love With Hopeland?

We know Father’s Day can be a big celebration for some families, while for others it can be a tough reminder of great loss or divide.

Whether you will be present with your dad on Sunday 6 September or apart, we would love you to tell us about your dad or the person in your life who has been a father to you:

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