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Encouragement for All Dads No Matter How Differently You Dad

Happy Father’s Day, Hopeland dads!

We hope you find these old and new articles, interviews and videos encouraging and/or entertaining in the lead up to Father’s Day, Sunday 3 September – to continue to grow in strength as a parent, as an individual and in faith.

Dads Group founder Tom Docking interview

Dads Group was borne out of Tom’s need for support, when he and his wife Kate unexpectedly had a baby. Tom became anxious about the future and turned to dads around him for support.

Dad, How Do I? interview

YouTube Channel creator Rob Kenney speaks on forgiveness and his past experience of growing up without a father when his dad left the family. Now, a dad himself, Rob saw that there was a gap for kids who don’t have fathers so he started created his “how-to” videos – teaching life basics.

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Dads Group support Facebook

Dads Group Wants Fathers to Know Support Exists for Them

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Man looking very surprised

“Male Menopause”? The Life Transitions Men Can Expect

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A man bringing his baggage to the Cross of Jesus

Our Father – A LifeWords Devotion

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Father and son sitting by water

Tips for Fathers, Download Free Toolkit

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Oldies but goodies

Dad How Do I - Dad Chats (2)

Rob Kenney: How a Dad of Two Became ‘Dad’ to Millions on YouTube, Teaching Life Basics

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Laura Bennett and C3 Pastor Phil Pringle interview

3 Keys for Being a Dad in Today’s World, C3 Pastor Phil Pringle

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Carrie Lloyd

Losing her Father, She Lost Her Faith: Carrie Lloyd’s Long Journey Back to Jesus

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Dad and Daughter 1200

Dads and Their Teenage Daughters: 4 Pieces of Advice from ‘Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters’ Author

Dad and son by kelly-sikkema

It’s Not Easy Being a Dad – Find Advice And Support at ‘The Fathering Project’

Father and Son Fishing

Did You Know? The Christian-Inspired Origins of Father’s Day

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Kids and father playing soccer

A Prayer for You this Father’s Day

Liam Neeson and Michael Richardson in Made in Italy -

Touching Bond of Real Life Father-and-Son Liam Neeson & Michael Richardson, in ‘Made in Italy’ [Movie Review]

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Boy with arms reaching up to the sky at sunrise

Confident Theology, Part 1: “I Believe in God the Father” — A Christian Growth Message

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Dad baking with kids

Hey, ABC: Church Dads Have Been “Woke” For Years! Stephen McAlpine Defends Aussie Fathers

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SImon Freya and Oscar

Tears as Dads Talk to their Kids About Fatherhood and Masculinity, in Moving Video Series

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Dad and daughter

Four Ways Great Fathers Make Time For Their Children

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