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What are your other payment options?

You can make a credit card donation during business hours by phone on 1300 36 1032

Hope 103.2 Bank Deposit Details
Please reference your surname and your supporter reference number. (You can contact the Hope studios to obtain your reference number)

Bank:                                      National Australia Bank (NAB)
Account Name:                    2CBA Development Fund
BSB Number:                       082-338
Account Number:               492548573 

Direct Debit
To give via direct debit, please contact the Hope studios on 02 9854 7000 or email the team at community@hope1032.com.au. We will send you a form to fill your bank account information.

I’m an existing Partner for Hope, how do I change or update my details?

You can update your payment information securely online or to update your details with assistance from a Hope 103.2 community relations team member, including credit card information, please contact the Hope studios on 02 9854 7000 or email community@hope1032.com.au.

Why are you asking for money?

Hope 103.2 is a not-for-profit, community funded media organisation sharing messages of hope daily on radio, online and via social media. We only exist, and continue to be able to be here, because of the amazing generosity of people just like you — our listeners, our readers, our viewers and our social media followers!

How do you spend the money people donate?

Donations support the daily operations of the radio station, including content creation, and allow us to carry out necessary updates and maintenance of equipment. You can request a copy of our annual report anytime here.

Is my donation tax-deductable?

Yes, Hope Media Limited is an Australian Taxation Office-endorsed ‘deductible gift recipient’ (DGR). Any donations of $2 or more made by Australian residents to our organisation are tax-deductible.

Where can I find transcripts of your talk-based programs?

We make transcripts available for three programs, Morning Devotions with Chris WittsSimon Manchester’s Christian Growth and LifeWords Daily Devotional.

Due to the intensive nature of creating transcripts and legal restrictions we are unable to publish transcripts of some programs.

Why only some of Hope 103.2 programs are available as MP3 downloads?

Due to International and Australian copyright laws we are unable to make available music and talk based programs for download. Keep checking back for new programs.

How do I use the FIND A CHURCH database?

FIND A CHURCH is a great resource for finding a church anywhere in Sydney. You can search by the following methods:

  • Click on a region of the map of Sydney.
  • Select a region in the drop down box.

For a more precise search:

  • Select a region in the drop down box and click on a suburb/s.
  • Select a region in the drop down box and choose a denomination/s.

Why aren't all Sydney's churches on your FIND A CHURCH database?

Hope 103.2’s Find a Church database consists of over 200 Sydney partner churches. These churches from across all denominations are partnering with us to help build connection between Hope 103.2 and our listeners. Your church is welcome to join this partnership. For further information please call our offices (02) 9854 7000.

How can I become a Volunteer at Hope 103.2?

Here at Hope 103.2 we love our volunteers! To find out more call our Volunteers coordinator on (02) 9854 7000 or download our volunteers form.

Is it safe to make a donation online?

Yes it is. Hope 103.2 uses SecurePay’s Internet Payment Gateway to provide a secure environment for the authorisation of credit card transactions over the Internet. Confidential information including client credit card details are encrypted the moment they are transmitted from the client’s browser to the banking network using industry standard SSL 128-bit RC4 encryption technology.

A client’s credit card details are not stored anywhere on the Internet, and the only company who has access to this data is the merchant’s bank. The bank also sends confirmation information via the same encryption technology back to the client’s browser. These secure processes provide clients with peace of mind when purchasing online.

What is the mission of Hope 103.2?

You can read Hope 103.2’s mission statement under Mission.

Is Hope 103.2 associated with a particular Christian denomination?

No, there is no affiliation with any particular denomination.

Who runs Hope 103.2?

Hope Media Ltd, formerly known as Christian Broadcasting Association (CBA), a non-profit organisation, owns and manages Hope 103.2. A Board of Directors provides governance and strategic direction while a team of dedicated staff look after the day-to-day operations.

Is Hope 103.2 a commercial radio station?

No, Hope 103.2 belongs to a non profit organisation called Hope Media Ltd, that relies on the community and listeners to support its operation. You can find more under About us and Support Hope 103.2.