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Day of Action

On Friday, March 11, we are calling on our community to come together for a Day of Action through prayer and support – for the people of Ukraine, and for those affected by the floods here in Australia.

We will be having conversations with people who are in the midst of these crises, finding out what we can pray for and other ways we can support them. Listen live to our teams across the day for a Day of Action for Ukraine and Australia.

Submit your prayer requests – if you or someone you know has been impacted by these crises, we want to pray for you and with you!

We can all make a difference, and we can help.

NSW Floods – Alerts and How You Can Help

Here you will find contact numbers and alerts from SES NSW and Bureau of Meteorology NSW, a list of services to consider donating to, a list of non-emergency support services if you or someone you know has been affected by the floods, and the latest news from the Hope News team.
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Hope 103.2 Interviews with flood-affected people across NSW

NSW SES floods

How You Can Support Ukraine

We have gathered a list of organisations with dedicated Ukraine appeal efforts, as well as prayer guides.
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Hope 103.2 Interviews with local and Ukraine-based people affected by the war

Ukrainian Romanian Border Feb 26 2022 SP

Hope & Prayer

How can we pray for you or for those you are helping?
Submit a prayer request for our Hope & Prayer team

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