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Brooke Ligertwood: “It’s a Wonder-Filled Life When You Have to Rely on God”

Brooke Ligertwood of Hillsong


Reaching the music industry’s pinnacle with a Grammy, and being at the forefront of global Christian worship music, Brooke Ligertwood is at times “terrified”—and daily has to call on God for His help.

Signed to Sony at 18 years of age

Brooke’s debut album ‘What to Do with Daylight’ exceeded 8x Platinum sales in New Zealand—yet she didn’t go into the industry with an end goal in mind, or a fixed idea of what she wanted to say with her art.

“I was so young that I don’t think I’d really thought that much about it,” said Brooke in an interview with Hope 103.2. “It wasn’t like I came into things with anything resembling a plan, or a fully-formed ambition, it was more just that [singing] was something that I loved to do.” In the first few years of her career, Brooke toured with John Mayer and David Bowie, and eventually went on to do her own world tour with her US debut ‘Albertine’, followed by the release of ‘Flags’ and ‘Brutal Romantic’. Read more

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Bobbie Houston

On Staying Vulnerable & Being Herself: Global ‘Colour’ Pastor, Bobbie Houston


Even after 21 years leading ‘Colour’, Bobbie Houston still gets nervous and unsure about the enormous task in front of her. It’s not all that surprising, given the annual event is now a marathon of nine consecutive conferences in seven cities around the world, including New York, Cape Town, London, Kiev and Sydney. READ MORE

WIN! Jesus Calling for Easter

Erwin McManus

Erwin McManus: “The hurt may not be your fault, but the healing is your responsibility.”


Julie-Ann Emery

Catch 22’s Julie Ann Emery: Maybe We’d Treat Each Other Better Without Activewear


Jessica Van Der Wyngaard

‘I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye’ Aussie Filmmaker Jessica Van Der Wyngaard


yellow rubber ducks in a row

Perfectionism Can Rob Your Kids of Confidence and Responsibility. Let Go of Some Control!


I can be quite ‘particular’; others call it perfectionism. Regardless of what you call it, this sometimes obsessive tendency for things to be ‘just so’ can undermine our goal to build confidence and responsibility into our kids. We have lots of hedges in our garden. Friends, family, even strangers walking down the street will comment on how neat our hedges are. If I’m honest, I enjoy that affirmation. READ MORE


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Shirley in Camarines Norte Philippines

Forced Off Traditional Lands, Discriminated Against, Now She’s Rising Above


Meet Shirley: an indigenous Filipino, an overcomer, a community leader and a world-changer. At the age of 36, Shirley has broken through some serious barriers of poverty, discrimination, and inequality, to improve life for her family and her indigenous tribe, the Manide people, in the remote Camarines Norte province of the Philippines. A mother of four children aged 6 to 17, Shirley is her family’s sole breadwinner – as her husband cannot work due to tuberculosis – and with the many disadvantages that indigenous people in the Philippines face, she was struggling to make ends meet and keep her children in school. READ MORE

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Lauren Daigle

The Raw Emotion You Hear in Lauren Daigle’s ‘Rescue’ – is Personal


When Lauren Daigle sat down to write her hit ballad Rescue, she had in mind a loved one who was struggling with life – making it one of the most personal songs she’s ever recorded. In a ‘Story Behind the Song’ video, Lauren describes a vision she had which inspired the chorus, and shares the depth of emotion she felt in the recording studio. READ MORE

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