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Baby Mum-Mum (Amyson Pty Ltd)

Babie go yum yum… With Baby Mum-Mum. Ideal first baby snack.
Low Allergen: Gluten, Egg, Nut free.  We use real Fruits and Vegetables.

Our family has always been involved with the food industry. In the early 1980’s, our parents ran a little grocery store serving specialised food to our local community. It was a popular store and people came from neighbouring suburbs to pickup their weekly food supply. A few decades later, Amyson continues in the same line but on a larger scale.

We no longer operate a retail outlet and instead have become a marketing agent/wholesaler to a wider network of retail stores and other food businesses. Instead of serving the local neighbourhood, we now serve the wider community throughout Australia.

We pride ourselves in representing a carefully selected product range. This allows our team to stay focused on achieving  good results for our partners and to perform our duties to a high standard.



Phone: (02) 9756 6338