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Penrith Christian School

Penrith Christian School is a place of education where your child is genuinely loved and nurtured; safe and secure to revel in the challenge of lifelong learning!

We are a vibrant Preschool to Year 12 educational facility registered and accredited with the NSW Board of Studies and an approved child care service. We are a distinctive Christian School with a four-tiered school structure unique to our region, reflecting the critical stages in the life of a child; Early Childhood (Preschool and Preparatory School), Junior School (Kindergarten to Year 4), Middle School (Year 5 to Year 8) and Senior School (Year 9 to Year 12).

We are renowned for our all-roundedness; catering to the vast needs of students with diverse learning styles, course subjects and facilities – equipping them to face the challenges of life. What sets us apart is that we value students for who they really are; where children feel accepted, secure, supported and empowered to be all God created them to be. We focus on cultivating a love of learning and lifelong friendships. We believe students develop best within a caring and close-knit community and endeavour to foster an atmosphere of ‘family’ with love and discipline.

1 Simeon Road
Orchard Hills NSW 2748

Phone: (02) 4737 4300