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Covenant Christian School

Covenant provides more than great memories. This is more than a place for your children to be taught to read and write and learn a few Bible lessons. We are an Association of people who quite consciously see ourselves as not just providers of educational services, but as engaged in the work of the Kingdom of God. Our School is a Christian ‘ministry’. The Vision and Mission of Covenant is explained in more detail in these documents.

Some distinctives of Covenant Christian School Sydney

  • Established 1978 by Christians who passionately believed parents are responsible to bring up their children in the training and instruction of the Lord
  • Non-denominational with families attending over 120 churches in Sydney
  • Co-educational from Preschool (3 & 4 year olds) to Year 12 all in one location
  • Minimum of 85% of students come from active Christian families
  • Parent involvement welcomed
  • All Christian fully qualified staff
  • Bible based, Christ centred education
  • A close, supportive community that focuses on the needs of each child
  • Firm, caring discipline
  • Excellent facilities, comprehensive sports program, extra-curricular activities and broad electives
  • Easy access from North Shore and Northern Beaches Sydney

Our staff are all Christians. They are highly professional and committed to nurturing the students in their care by proclaiming Christ’s sovereignty in all areas of life. This not only results in strong academic performances, but in young Christian men and women who see the world through the lens of the Gospel.

The school’s academic results are consistently ranked in the top 200 schools in NSW. We are thankful that we are able to offer Christian education that is affordable, academically rigorous and honours the role of parents in the life of the school.


Dell Street
Belrose NSW 2085

Phone: (02) 8459 4200