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Australian Catholic University

An ACU education builds on the Catholic understanding of faith and reason working together in pursuit of knowledge and promotion of human dignity and the common good.

An ACU education seeks to transform lives and communities. Students are challenged to look beyond the classroom, solve real world problems, develop their own search for meaning, and cultivate strong professional ethics. They are invited to stand up for people in need and causes that matter.

ACU is open to all. As is common with great Catholic institutions the world over, the university is inclusive and supportive of everyone, every day – regardless of their faith or tradition.

Opportunities for personal and professional growth are critical to ACU. This is a university of service – so much so that it is built into the curricula. All ACU courses offer work placements, internships, or volunteering opportunities.

Our Bachelor of Theology allows students to engage critically with the Catholic intellectual tradition, understand the complex realities of religion across history, and gain insight into contemporary challenges.

They’ll graduate ready for careers in the public sphere, religious organisations, and academia.


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